Recommended Free Softwares for your Desktop PC.

Web Browsers

It all starts with a web browser. A Fast, Safe and Reliable browser is what it takes a user to start browsing the internet. There is a huge competition in the browser market today competing the popular Google Chrome and the veteran browser Mozilla Firefox the UC Browser.


The second most important and a must have software is a decent Free (if not paid) VPN. What a VPN does is hides your IP address behind the centeral server via PPTP or L2TP protocol resulting in a secure data connection that travels in a private tunnel. VPN is a solution to censorship bypassing web blockes and restrictions put up by ISP's and network administrators. We recommend IPVANISH

Audio Player

A Free Audio player to play music and videos songs is considered as a basic necessity when it comes to desktop usage. Unfortunately there is no contendor or competitor that has all great features and our all time favourite VLC Player

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